Alteco Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Strongly adhere almost all the industrial materials in seconds

From handicrafts of artisans to cutting-edge manufacturing, Alteco cyanoacrylate adhesives have been widely utilized. Our cyanoacrylate adhesives are designed to cure firmly in seconds by reacting to minute traces of moisture on the surface of the material to be bonded at room temperature.
Using Alteco primer and accelerator properly expands the scope of uses and enhances the potential of cyanoacrylate adhesives.

ALTECO Adhesives-Friendly to environment & human body

Features & Benefits

Speedy & Productive
Bonding most industrial materials in seconds, accelerates productivity, facilitate to build an effective assembly line
Excellent bond strength
Rigidly bonding most industrial materials
1-component type /
Cure at room temperature
1-component type, adhering firmly at room temperature; eliminate need for costly equipment and tools
Solvent free
No solvent contained; friendly to environment and human body
Excellent insulator
No conducting electricity, working as a reliable insulator
Clear and transparent
Beautifully finished with no color. Alteco accelerator enhances the non-whitening effect
Wide range of choice
From the low viscosity type to the gel form type, you can choose the most suitable one for your purpose of use, conditions and the circumstance of working place

Products Sheets

Applicability Features Applicable Products
Metal High bonding strength to metal adhesion / Chemical resistance M、MR、MX13
General purpose Plastic, rubber and metal EE、E50、V2
Wood /porous material Wood, ceramic, clay W1、W200X、W500X、W1000X、W2
Hard-to-Bond For EPDM or POM D、Z125、88、Z114
Impact resistance Good for metal adhesion / High impact resistance CN2、CN4、CN6
High viscosity / Gel Non-thread type / Gap filling for vertical surface Z106, GEL, SPEED GEL
High-Speed Surface insensitive / Range of viscosity available EZ3、EZ20、EZ100、EZ300、EZ500、EZ800、EZ1500
High peel strength※ Rubber toughened / Higher heat resistance Z200M、Z200H
Low strength※ 1/2 bonding strength for temporary fixing Z135
Low odor / Odorless Low odor, less blooming / No odor, no blooming Z28S、Z27、Z26/Z84、Z84X、Z84V
Artificial marble Transparent or white color EC200、EC600X、EC1500X、
Heat resistance※ Better heat resistance HI3、HI100
Flexible※ Shore D 40 T10、T100、T600
Humidity resistance※ Flexible Z180-A、Z180-1、Z180-2

●Above is typical grade only. We may select grades available upon consultation.
●Color additives are also available.
●※Made-to-order products

Alteco Primers and Accelerators expand the potential of cyanoacrylate adhesives



Using Alteco accelerator with a cyanoacrylate adhesive improves curing time, furthermore, facilitates bonding under harsh conditions. The accelerators also prevent the blooming – the white stain caused by redundant adhesive.


  • Make curing time faster
  • Head up or filling for bonding
  • Enhance cure strength for porous and infiltrative materials like wood
  • Prevent blooming caused by redundant cyanoacrylate adhesive pushed out of bonded surfaces

Primers for hard-to-bond materials

Primers for hard-to-bond materials

Applying Alteco primer in advance enables the adhering of hard-to-bond materials such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, silicone rubber and various engineering plastics.


  • Facilitating to adhere hard-to-bond materials like PE, PP, silicone rubber, EPDM, SPVC and others

    *If you have problems of any hard-to-bond materials in production lines, just feel free to contact us by email or phone call. We will check the applicability of our primers and show you the solution.

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