Sep. 1965 Started as a private enterprise, Alpha Giken Research Office for the assigned research of packaged liquid materials
Aug. 1966 Instant adhesives “Alpha Ace” developed and sold
Jul. 1969 Incorporated a company capitalized at 2 million yen
Mar. 1970 Shiga Factory built
Aug. 1970 Capital increase to 3 million yen
Aug.1971 Capital increase to 6 million yen
Aug. 1974 Capital increase to 12 million yen
Jan. 1975 Brand name unified to “ALTECO”
Jun. 1975 Tokyo Alpha Techno Company, Ltd. established
Aug. 1978 Shiga Factory added on
Apr. 1979 Nagoya Office established
Jun. 1980 Established ALTECO USA INC. in California, USA
Jul. 1980 Capital increase to 26 million yen
Apr. 1981 Hoso Giken Co., Ltd. established
Jul.1982 Capital increase to 32 million yen.
Apr.1983 Changed the name to ALPHA TECHNO COMPANY
Nov.1984 Main Shiga Factory, a R&D Center and Hoso Giken in Shiga built
Mar.1985 Capital increase to 87 million yen
Jan.1986 Tokyo Office established
Aug. 1988

Established ALTECO CHEMICAL PTE.LTD in Singapore

May 1989 Osaka Alpha Sales Co., Ltd. established
Aug. 1995 Capital decrease to 90 million yen
Oct. 1995 Established ALTECO CHEMICAL(WUXI)CO.,LTD in China
Oct. 1997 Merged Hoso Giken Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2001 Changed the name to ALTECO INC.
Mar. 2004 ALTECO INC,Shiga Factory
assessed and registered against ISO 9001
Jun. 2004


Oct. 2006 Integration of Power Ace Corporation domestic business into ALTECO INC.
Apr. 2007 ALTECO INC,Shiga Factory assessed and registered against ISO14001
Apr. 2008 Integration of ALTECO TECHNOLOGY(WUXI)CO.,LTD. domestic business into ALTECO CHEMICAL(WUXI)CO.,LTD.
Apr. 2011 Yokohama R&D Center established
Jul. 2013 ALTECO GHANA LTD. established in Ghana
Aug. 2016

Shiga New laboratory and factory rebuilt

Apr. 2019 Merge Yokohama R & D center with Shiga R & D center